YC INOX Policylol赛事竞猜活动地址,lol全明星赛竞猜活动,lollpl竞猜赚钱

YC INOX has continually dedicated to improving reducing environmental impacts in production activities and to enhance occupational safety and health.
we promise to:

Comply with national environmental regulationslol赛事竞猜活动地址,lol全明星赛竞猜活动,lollpl竞猜赚钱

Abide ESH regulations and other relevant requirements.

Raise awareness of ESH policylol赛事竞猜活动地址,lol全明星赛竞猜活动,lollpl竞猜赚钱

Educate and raise ESH concept to all staff by professional knowledge training & education.

Establish communication channelslol赛事竞猜活动地址,lol全明星赛竞猜活动,lollpl竞猜赚钱

Encourage internal participation, establish consultation mechanism, and construct an environment of friendly communication.

Implement ESH risk control managementlol赛事竞猜活动地址,lol全明星赛竞猜活动,lollpl竞猜赚钱

Adopt appropriate risk control technology, minimize environmental impacts, prevent health hazards caused by possible factors and ensure safety and health for all staff.

Generate sustainable result of ESH policylol赛事竞猜活动地址,lol全明星赛竞猜活动,lollpl竞猜赚钱

Set goals and targets for continual ESH risk control and improvement.

Friendly Working Environmentlol赛事竞猜活动地址,lol全明星赛竞猜活动,lollpl竞猜赚钱

Strengthen the working environment improvemnet and employee health management. Provide a safe working condition. Prevent related occupational injury and harmful work to health.